Essential Considerations for Making Appealing Vape Cartridge Packaging Boxes

The vape industry as a whole is growing at an exponential rate. Most adult smokers who switch to vaping prefer to use cartridges that are already filled with e-juice. This is because they do not have to bother filling the cartridges themselves. There is a high demand for CBD and THC-filled cartridges. The packaging boxes these cartridges come in also need to be appealing and eye-catching. There are several important things you should consider when designing your cannabis cartridge box so people will notice it from a distance.

Elegant Design

You need your custom vape packaging to look elegant instead of cheap or like a gimmick if you want your brand to be taken seriously. Your artwork should look stylish, professional, and cohesive or else you risk looking unorganized and distracting.

Packaging Should Reflect Branding

The packaging box for your vape cartridges should reflect your brand’s image. Putting the same colors on the cartridge pack as you do on other pieces of branding, like t-shirts or flyers, is a great way to achieve this goal. When each detail in your marketing reflects the same message, it will be easier for people to recognize you.

Packaging Should Be Functional

The boxes that you use for your cartridges need to be attractive and easy to open. They need to protect the cartridges and also be easy to close again. To keep people from opening your boxes by accident, you should close them with magnetic closures or twist off lids. If you have a more traditional box for vape cartridges, put in a quick opening system so customers don’t need to use knives or scissors to get their product.

There are many different types of cartridges for vape pens. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, but some people prefer one type over another. Some of the most popular types of vape cartridges include open cartridges, pre-filled cartridges, solventless cartridges, wax vape pen cartridges and e-liquid vape pens.

Strong Contrast for Easy Legibility

Some medical marijuana packaging features colors that contrast with the text on the package. This is so people can read it more easily. This means that if your vape cartridge comes in a box with black ink on burgundy paper, it will be harder for people to see what is printed on your box from a distance. You can print out mockups of your designs before moving forward to see whether the color combinations work well together or not.

Organized Layout with Ample Text Space

The size and shape of each word on a vaping product’s packaging should look good next to the different shapes used throughout the design. On some vape cartridge packaging, important information about the brand and product may be too small to read. This is especially true for your company name and logo, as well as other basic product facts. You can make your vape packaging look better by leaving some empty space without any words or images.

Pure White Backgrounds That Don't Distract from Other Design Elements

You should make sure that the backgrounds of your vape box designs are bright enough so that people can see each word and image, no matter how far away they are standing. For example, matte white vaporizer boxes look better than traditional dark brown boxes because more of the text and graphic art is visible without being obscured.

Appealing Vape Boxes Should Feature Designs with Minimal Text and Graphics

The purpose of your vape packaging is to show people what your product looks like. You want to make it clear what color it is, how big it is, and what the scent is. You don’t want any words or images that will take away from this. There are many ways to get people’s attention. You can use a logo that glows in the dark or a hologram. But if you have too many things going on in your box design, it can be hard for people to decide which product they want. This can lead them not to buy anything at all.

To decide what text and graphics to include on your custom kraft boxes, use a process called “effective focal points.” This involves imagining a person looking at your vape box for the first time. You then list all potential focal points that could be available depending on who the user is and just what exactly they’re looking for inside a cartridge (or vape pen) package.

You need to break this process into three steps:
  1. Figure out your target market and who the vape box is for.
  2. Write down all of the possible focal points available when it comes to buying a cartridge, e-cigarette, or other vape product (such as concentrates).
  3. Experiment with different templates and mockups until you find something which works well together with your target audience’s needs and wants.

When you are making a list, think about the people that will see your packaging. Who are they? Beginners, casual smokers, and long-time cigarette users could all be possible customers for your products. Differentiate between these groups in case you cannot think of clear differences.

Think About the Pricing of Your Products:

The price of the cartridge box is very important for consumers. A lot of people decide to buy or not buy your product based totally on what is printed on the cost tag.

In short, if you want to charge less for your cartridge boxes, you need to make them look more modern and stylish. If you want to charge more for your cartridges, then it can’t hurt to develop a luxury feel that sets your products apart from other cartridge companies.


This article has shown that a cartridge manufacturer will need a lot of money to use this type of packaging. But these products have a lot of demand in the cannabis market, so you can earn more money from selling them. If you want to make your products more valuable, then I think that you should give priority to cartridges.

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